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10 Best Suitable Dog Breeds for Indian Weather Pawsandpaws | Apr 18, 2024

While planning to add a pet to the family, we need to ask ourselves whether the climate we live in will suit the new furry family member or not. India has a tropical climate, with varied weather conditions and terrains in different regions. The northern part of the country has extremely cold weather conditions during the most part of the year, whereas the rest of the regions have rather humid and hot weather conditions. Dogs of all breeds may not be able to cope with these climatic conditions. It is therefore necessary to check the dog's breed and its suitability to the Indian climate before bringing one home so that we can give them a long, healthy, and happy life. 

Let us take a look at some of the best dog breeds suitable for the Indian climate:

1. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman pinscher is a sleek and powerful breed with an amazing physique and intellect that makes them a perfect choice for guarding duties. These dogs have a short coat that minimises the grooming efforts for pet parents and increases their suitability for humid Indian weather. Also, their super adaptive nature gives them an edge in surviving Indian weather conditions.

 2. Dalmatian

As we hear Dalmatian, the first thing that pops up in our mind is a dog with black spots over their white coat. Dalmatians are large, sturdy, athletically built, super friendly, lively dogs, and have great endurance. They are not just pets but also guard dogs. They have a thick and short coat that is suitable for warmer climates. They have high energy levels, which makes them highly suitable for Indian households known to have active lifestyles.

 3. Himalayan Sheepdog

Also known as Gaddi Kutta or a shepherd dog, Himalayan Sheepdogs are from large mastiff-type breeds of Indian origin. As the name suggests, they are native to the Himalayan region. These dogs were bred with the local Gaddi tribe to protect their livestock from non-domestic animals living in the forest. Because of their muscularity, brave nature, and remarkable strength, the locals consider them Mastiff dogs. Due to their thick double coat, Himalayan Sheepdogs are one of the few dog breeds that can adapt and survive northern India’s extreme cold temperature.

 4. Pomeranian

This small-sized, fluffy, and adorable breed may look easy to handle, but they often end up being rebellious with other dogs double their size. Pomeranians are double-coated and have a chic persona. They need a low to moderate exercise routine. However, Pom demands a lot of grooming and care, such as regular brushing and trimming. Pomeranians are a great choice for people living in an apartment or small house. The toy breed is lighter in weight, has a long coat, and is perfectly adaptable to Indian weather conditions.

 5. Beagle

This small-height breed originated in Great Britain. The compact dogs are a huge bundle of energy. For families having an active lifestyle, Beagle should be one of their top considerations. Moreover, because of their short coats, they do not require frequent washing or grooming and can fit well in India's atmospheric conditions.

 6. Pug

A Pug is a small-sized dog with an innocent puppy face. This curly-tailed friend is loving, emotional, and kid-friendly. In the last ten years, Pug has gained huge popularity in India. This pooch can be the ultimate choice for people living in apartments. The breed demands medium to high levels of grooming and training, and can comfortably adapt to Indian weather conditions.

 7. German Shepherd

With loyalty and outstanding intellect shining through their eyes, the German shepherd is the most popular dog breed in India despite its origin in Germany. The breed is known for versatility, courage, and adjustability, which makes it one of the best choices for Indian houses. German Shepherds are incredibly caring, loving, and a fostering friend, and can thrive in Indian weather conditions easily.

 8. Labrador Retriever

Considering the local climate, Labrador is one of the best dog breeds to bring to an Indian home. They are agile, adaptive, intelligent, and full of social spirit. Hence, Labs are highly in demand amongst Indians. Labs can quickly gel with kids, strangers, and other domestic animals, which makes them popular family pets. These exceptional watchdogs have a rough textured outer coat along with a soft & silky undercoat, which makes them easily habitual to the general pattern of India’s weather variations.

9. Indian Spitz

Due to its high adaptability, Indian Spitz flourishes in the climatic conditions of India without extra effort. Despite their thick and long fur, they do not need too much care due to their low shedding quality. Originating in India and similar to a German Spitz, they are energetic and enjoy the Indian weather even when it is hot outside. The small to medium-sized breed has a thick coat, which works as an excellent body temperature regulator, providing warmth in the chilled season and air circulation during heat waves, perfect for the diverse Indian climatic conditions.

 10. Indian Pariah 

Indian Pariah is one of the most healthy and hardy canine breeds that originated from India. They are purebred and need a bare minimum of grooming. This breed is excellent for people with dog fur allergies, as they hardly shed. These medium-sized dogs are loyal and friendly, easily trainable, and have a commendable adaptability to the Indian climate.

Bottom Line

To sum up, adopting and raising a pet is a pleasant hobby for humans, but it is a serious responsibility at the same time. While bringing a furry companion home, consider the Indian tropical climatic conditions and choose a breed that can adapt to it easily. Getting a pooch from the most suitable breed will help you keep your new furry family member healthy and happy. Also, check out the best dog supplies available at Pawsandpaws. 

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